My Top 5 YouTube Channels

From the inane to the extremely useful, pretty much anything can be found on YouTube.  My grandchildren watch it solely for entertainment purposes. My grandson loves a channel where he is actually watching other people play hide and go seek. Weird!

I like to use YouTube as a resource for learning. When my mother passed away, I needed to break the lock on her briefcase where she kept her will. I found an instructional video and voila, I was able to crack the code in less then a minute. When my refrigerator broke, I typed the model number in the YouTube search bar and discovered that that brand of fridge had a defective part. There were many videos showing how to do a simple repair, and I was able to follow the directions and fix it myself.

When my daughter first suggested that I chalk paint my bedroom suite, I had no idea what chalk paint was. YouTube to the rescue! There are literally thousands of videos explaining chalk paint. I stumbled upon one showing how to make my own, and I painted that bedroom suite. I was hooked! I haven’t stopped painting furniture ever since.

I discovered so many painting styles and methods on YouTube. There are ‘How To’ videos for the farmhouse look, rustic glam, and boho. I learned how to do upholstery, decoupage, and dry brushing. You name it, and I likely learned it on YouTube.

I spent many hours sifting through thousands of videos. I was soaking in every detail and trying every method. With each piece of furniture that I brought home, I would think to myself: what can I try out on this piece? I am so grateful to the brave souls who put themselves out there in social media to teach. I have learned so much from them.

Here is a list of my favourite go-to YouTube channels:

It’s all in Swedish, but English subtitles translate each step along the way. I think I have watched every video Karlina has put out. She covers every look, with many types of paint and sealers. I love the way her videos are edited. They cover each step and every material used, and are short and to the point.

Who doesn’t love a great story? Debi tells a different story with each of her masterfully edited videos. Not only is she entertaining, but she also teaches you all kinds of techniques.

Looking for lots of content? Jami and her husband Zeb put out at least two videos a week, often more. Whatever you type into the search bar, they have it covered.

Kasha likes bling and so do I. Her furniture makeovers are full of glam.

I would be remiss not to mention a fellow furniture artist from my beautiful province of British Columbia. Christina puts out a well-edited chalk paint tutorial every Saturday.

I hope this list helps you to have as much fun learning to paint as I do.



  1. Excellent post. I definitely appreciate this website. Thanks!

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