Step by Step Refinishing a Table & Chair Set

Hi Friends!

Welcome to my first blog post for It’s Been Charmed.

I wanted to edit a step by step video on the entire process of refinishing an antique table and chair set. Redoing a table set is a great way to learn almost every aspect of the furniture painting business.

Unfortunately, when I got my new iPhone all my videos were lost somewhere in the mysterious cloud. All that I could salvage was the following links to the Facebook lives I had done during the process.

I apologize to anyone who isn’t on Facebook. The next time I do a table set I promise to do a better video.

Part 1 – Intro and Prep

Part 2 – Repairs | Replicating missing Moulding

Part 3 Video – Stripping, Sanding & Stain

Part 4 Video – Applying Topcoat

Part 5 Video – Painting the Chairs

Part 6 Video – Upholstery

Part 7 Video – Talk about Costs

  1. Excellent post. I definitely appreciate this website. Thanks!

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